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LibelléPremière annonce par Khrouchtchev de son intention de revoir le statut de Berlin, à l'occasion d'une rencontre avec Gomulka et les dirigeants de la Pologne
Date (début)10/11/1958
SynopsisIt was on 10 November 1958, at a Soviet-Polish friendship rally to cap off the visit of Polish leader W»adys»aw Gomu»ka to Moscow, that Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev first publicly announced his intention to turn over the Soviet Union’s control functions in Berlin to the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Khrushchev’s speech was the prelude to his letter of November 27 to the Western powers, in which he demanded that they enter into negotiations for a German peace treaty and on the issue of transforming West Berlin into a demilitarized, “free” city. If sufficient progress were not made within six months, Khrushchev threatened to sign a separate peace treaty with the GDR and to grant it control over the transit routes to Berlin.

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