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LibelléLa Chine apporte son soutien aux révolutions communistes en Asie, et tout particulièrement au Vietnam
Date (début)16/11/1949
SynopsisBecause of its advocacy of using armed struggle to seize power and its belief in internationalism, the CCP, immediately after achieving victory in China, began to display sympathy for and provided support to the Communist parties in Asia that were undergoing revolutions. The decision to provide such aid reflected to some extent the CCP’s geopolitical interests, but ideological considerations were predominant. The desire to promote revolution in Asia was very clear in the PRC’s early period. CCP leaders told other Asian Communist parties that the methods of organizing a united front under the Communist party leadership, creating revolutionary base areas, and seizing power through armed struggle had succeeded in the Chinese revolution and should become “the basic approach for national liberation struggle in all other colonial and semi-colonial countries” with conditions comparable to China’s. It was in line with this tendency to support Asian revolution that the CCP offered assistance to the anti-French war led by the Vietnamese Communists.

(Liu Shaoqi’s opening remarks at the Trade Union Conference of Asian and Australasian Countries, 16 November 1949, in the CCP Central Documentary Research Department, ed., Jianguo yilai Liu Shaoqi wengao [Liu Shaoqi’s Manuscripts since the Founding of the PRC] (Beijing: Zhongyang wenxian chubanshe, 1998), pp. 134-135.)

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