Évènements Évènement
LibelléTruman établit la Temporary Commission on Employee Loyalty (TCEL) initiant ainsi tout un ensemble de mesures visant à prévenir toute infiltration communiste dans l'Administration américaine
Date (début)25/11/1946
SynopsisOn November 25, 1946, two weeks after the election, President Truman suddenly announced the creation of the President's Temporary Commission on Employee Loyalty (TCEL) charged with making a sweeping study of federal loyalty programs.

This news was reported on the New York Times front page under the heading, President Orders Purge of Disloyal from U.S. Posts. The TCEL, consisting of representatives of six government departments under the chairmanship of Special Assistant to the Attorney General A. Devitt Vanech (a Justice Department official who was close to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover), was charged with determining federal loyalty standards and establishing procedures to remove or disqualify any disloyal or subversive person from federal service.

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