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LibelléLes États-Unis entament un processus d'ouverture diplomatique vers la Chine Populaire en annonçant officiellement pour la première fois la tenue d'entretiens diplomatiques entre les deux États à Varsovie
Date (début)08/01/1970
SynopsisJanuary 8: State Department announces that Warsaw talks between U.S. and China will resume on January 20.It is the first time a U.S. spokesperson refers to the People's Republic of China by its official name.

January 20: Ambassador Stoessel and other State Department officials meet with Lei Yang and aides in Warsaw. Stoessel assures China that Nixon wants to reduce American military presence in Southeast Asia, and would be willing to back away from the U.S. policy toward Taiwan and Chiang Kai-shek of the past two decades. Stoessel also suggests that the U.S. could send a representative to Beijing, or receive a Chinese emissary in Washington -- the first such offer in two decades.

February 18: In an address to Congress, President Nixon states that the U.S. has made unilateral overtures to China which underlined our willingness to have a more normal and constructive relationship, adding that we have avoided dramatic gestures which might invite dramatic rebuffs

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